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The Awakening

Awakening flash game – You woke up in a dark forest with no memory, you do not know who you are, where and how were in the woods. You have in stock only the sword and no more nothing. You have to go through all the difficulties and remember who you are.

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  1. Leonid says:

    О данной игре бы вообще наверно не узнал, если бы не увидел как мой друг во время работы играл в нее и так увлекся процессом, что аж самому захотелось. Очень интересный сюжет и насыщенная графика. к тому же легко понятное управление и никаких ребусов или головоломок в игре нет, все просто и понятно. Мне лично очень понравилось, хотя я большой гурман в подобных играх).

  2. Ivan says:

    Graphics theme, the plot really good, I play all the time, when the work of some free time, besides me still playing floor office, standing game, I advise you.

  3. Максим says:

    All is at a fairly good level: the dynamics, graphics and the storyline. I like to play in spare time.

  4. SourHarry1992 says:

    Unbelievable interesting game. Beautiful drawing and exciting gameplay. I recommend it to all my friends.

  5. Mart says:

    friend showed this game, if not for her, I would have never learned about it. good graphics, interesting plot.

  6. Vitalii says:

    I love such mystical game. Excellent replacement for conventional full-fledged games on the computer. The main thing in these games – it’s the story!

  7. Bruce says:

    cool game. I think it’s a one of the real good games on this site. Graphics theme and plot really good

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