Category: Puzzles

I woke up and my head hurts. My house is a mess! Can you help me?
Press and hold the left mouse button and move over at least 2 balloons of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally to remove them! Collect bonuses for extra score! Get [...]
Take care of all dinosaur eggs and face the dangers of the jungle to bring it back to its nest and become the hero DinoSitter!
Dear nephew, I am looking forward to seeing you, but also I was hoping you would help me around the farm.
A simple game type to find the difference in the images associated to the theme of forest.
This oasis flourishes with food, water and riches, and you are welcome to stay and explore!
Legor is back with 32 new levels, will you complete them all?
Use the mouse to collect the five photographs of New York.
Use the mouse to put together three great photos of Mount Elbert, the highest of the Rockies.
A rather famous musician was murdered last night. Sweep the crime scene, the time is running out!