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The legend of Papeeth’s pearls await! On your journey, you focus is to discover the pearls. Before you can continue forward, you’ll have the opportunity to play scavenger hunt to e [...]
Awakening flash game – You woke up in a dark forest with no memory, you do not know who you are, where and how were in the woods. You have in stock only the sword and no more nothi [...]
Xenos – Fight the way through the 30th action of levels, through 7 various areas. Fight deadly bosses, a dash through minefields and to evade from huge lasers. The swindler the sci [...]
You the knight in this flash game and your searches to rescue the princess and her lock from hordes of angry monsters.Funny, with sense of humour, an action with defense tower elem [...]
Strike Force Heroes – Level up 4 unique classes to unblock more the 65th weapon, some skills, and killstrik to adjust equipments. To play campaigns for are completely sounded, futu [...]
In this flash game Your opponents are strong, all you have to win. The world is cruel, but you are the one who will be able to overcome all difficulties. Forward to the victory.
Angry giants attacked your beautiful island. You need to protect themselves and their land. Become a hero to his people and Thrash monsters. All hope only on you in this battle.
Zombies invaded the world, only a few managed to survive, and you are one of them. But you need to get to the saving ship and only then will you be able to survive. Destroy thousan [...]
Shooting, characters, a lot of enemies – all you need for a great flash game. Try your hand. Space battles, destroy all enemies.
In your castle attacked by thousands of enemies. The time has come, and now requires the defender, you are the one who can defeat all the enemies and save the kingdom. Forward to v [...]